2020 Rich’s Ramblings:

Week 6 Results



To lead off, in all the excitement last week of paying out the largest prize in theDodger football pool history, I neglected to properly congratulate Bookman, who, through tie-breaks, won 1st prize in back-to-back weeks (week 3 and week 4.)  That’s a tough feat in a football pool with over 80 players, so a tip-o-the-cap to Bookman!


In Week 6, Scranton4Now rode a hot set of random picks to a perfect 9-0 record in the Sunday 1:00 games, good for a two-game lead over the next closest competitor.  Sadly for him, the rest of his random picks ran cold, as he won only one of the final five games to finish 10-4.  Our winner this week was SueDoranDumb, with 11 points.  Sue wins both the Week 6 1st place prize, as well as the unrolled sidepool (wistfully thinking of what might have been if AidnBrenD did not win the sidepool last week!)  The sidepool starts fresh again in Week 7.  There is an 8-way tie for 2nd place in Week 6 between Scranton4Now, NHBroncosFan (who would have won the sidepool if the Cowboys had won last night), noMSG, BarrySanders, Capo, Go(big)Blue, HIDK, and jamucc.


The 11-way tie for Week 5 second is not settled yet, but now only two people remain in contention.  Go(big)Blue and noMSG still have a shot at this prize, surging their equity from $4.54 to $25.00!


As with recent seasons, the payouts for the Weekly prizes are 100 bananas for 1st, 50 mangos for 2nd.  This leaves a healthy pot for the year-end prizes.  I’ll be posting the expected year-end prizes (assuming we are able to play a full season) in the next few weeks.


I have entered the Week 7 point spreads, so you can go make those picks.  There is a Thursday night game this week (NYG @ Philly), so please remember to make your Thursday pick.


COVID-19 news and policy

The following COVID-19 policies remain in effect.  As a reminder, this is how I intend to handle potential COVID-19 related cancelations in the football pool:



YOU are responsible to make sure the system received your picks

After you hit the ‘Submit Your Picks’ button, you will get a page that has the title “The Following Picks Have Been Received For PlayerName”.  Please print out this page, and verify that all the picks are the ones you meant to make.  The following (unfortunate) scenarios have happened in the past:


If you fill out your picks but do not hit the ‘Submit’ button, the system will not get your picks.  If you hit submit, but manage to lose internet connection before you get the confirmation page, then the system did not get your picks.  Finally, it is possible to accidently select the wrong team in the drop down box, so you might discover on Sunday that you mistakenly picked a team you did not mean to.  If you print out the confirmation page, then you will know (and have proof) that your picks are in the system.