2021 Rich’s Ramblings:

Week 18 and Year-End Results


We have many results to report after a fun final 16-game Sunday with all sorts of twists and turns.  What a wackadoodle ending in the final game between the Raiders and the Chargers!  As expected from the football pool perspective, nobody could catch our 1st place finisher  AJpats1221 (who did struggle in the final week with only 7 points, but he still finished 4 games clear of everyone else.)  The race for 2nd through 4th places had plenty of contenders.  In the end, all the late games fell the right way for NHBroncosFan, who gets 2nd place all to himself for the second straight year.  Two games back is our 3rd place winner AidnBrenD, who also wins the coveted $0 Lady’s prize.  Finally, just one game back, 4th place is split between Brgoalie33 and JR, who both finished just one game behind AidnBrenD.  Congratulations to all the year-end winners, it was an exciting race!


Other year end prizes were earned as follows:


Best Loser prize goes to SonOfChuck, who earned this prize by finishing in a tie for 6th place in the year-end race, but failed to win even one single banana throughout the season.  Kudos to the loser!


Last year the Bonus King was won with only 3 bonus points for the season.  This year the bonus points were doled out much more generously, and we had five people who managed to get 6 bonus points.  Tip of the hat to NHBroncosFan, Bourne, CamDaMan, thePatriot, and Jomama for achieving this feat.  Only one year-end prize is paid out to each person, so NHBroncosFan is not eligible for the Bonus King since he got 2nd place for the season.  This means that Bourne is the winner, as he had the best year-end score out of the remaining contenders.  As noted in the Ramblings throughout the season, to avoid splitting this smallish prize between many winners, I decided to break any ties based on the top score.


Pay the Middleman prize goes to the person landing right in the middle of the pack.  This year we had 73 people in the pool, so the coveted spot is in position 37, as that player “beat” 36 players, and “lost” to 36 others.  Congrats to ShortMenace for landing in this lucky spot!  As also noted in the Ramblings this season, I changed the rules for Pay the Middleman too, to only pay one prize, and not water this down by also paying people who tied with ShortMenace.


Finally, the Booby prize is a bit tricky…while there were several low scores this year, the rules require that you can’t win this prize if you fail to pick (leave blank) more than 5 games during the season (typically missing making picks for Thursday games.)  While HIDK and BishopSycamore had the lowest scores at 124 and 127, respectively, both of these players frequently failed to pick the early games, disqualifying them from the Booby prize.  The grand Booby champion, therefore, is theDodger, who managed a score of 133 for the season, 46 points behind 1st place, and he only missed picking two of the 271 games available to pick this season.  Congrats?!  Of special note is that theDodger finished worse than noMSG, who did not enter the pool until Week 4, so noMSG spotted theDodger 48 picks at the start of the season!


Please see below for a chart of the year-end winners and bananas.


As for Weekly results:


Week 17 had a 5-way tie for 1st place.  1st place was claimed by YaBoyJenks for 90 bananas.  2nd place is split between Frodo and SickPuppy, who take home 20 bananas each.


Week 18, with all the crazy close games and wacky upsets, was won by BigAl, who managed to get 11 of 16 games right, better than anyone else could manage in the pool.  He takes down 90 bananas for his second weekly prize win this season.  There is a 5-way tie for 2nd place.  While these five may not be too excited about the 8-banana prize they win for 2nd, they are at least a little bit happy to share in a split of the final, once-rolled over sidepool.  The spoils for that was 94 bananas (470/5), so each of these players wins 102 in total.  The lucky 5 are AidnBrenD, ButtersBallers, NHBroncosFan, RollingRock, (33) and TheHacker!


Thank you for all who participated, congrats to AJpats1221 for his massive streak to turn the pool into a runaway.  The race for 2nd – 4th places was a good one.  I’ll see you next year! 


2021 pool Final Standings, through Week 18

Final Place




Wk 17  Rank











Y/E 1st





2nd (t)

Y/E 2nd





6th (t)

Y/E 3rd


4th (t)



4th (t)

Y/E 4th (t)


4th (t)



2nd (t) 

Y/E 4th (t)


6th (t)



4th (t)

Best Loser




6 bps


Bonus King
























Booby Prize




You can check out your final standing in the Year-to-Date race by selecting “Week 99” in the “Everyone’s Points” report.


Accounting 2021 pool


73 entries in the pool this year, down 7 from last year, and down from record of 86 in 2018.  This, in combination with the fact that we have 18 weeks this season, means that I needed to drop the prizes for 1st and 2nd place by $10 each this season.  73 * 50 means we have a total pot of 3650 to fund the pool this year.  Here is the accounting of how that fund will be distributed


3650 bananas collected

    50 web site fee

3600 prize pool


90 Weekly 1st

40 Weekly 2nd

18 Weeks * 130/week = 2340 weekly prizes


1260 for season-end prize pool


555 1st place

275 2nd place

150 3rd place

  75 4th place

  65 Best Loser

  50 Pay the Middleman

  50 Bonus King

  40 Booby prize—need to enter at least 12 Thursday night games to be eligible


100% of all entries, less the small web site fee, are returned to the prize pool.


Additional notes for the year-end prizes:

If you want to be in the running for the Booby prize (low score for the season), then you must try to pick winners for each game.  You will lose the chance to win the booby prize if you fail to make your Thursday picks.  I’ll allow no more than 5 blank Thursday games to be eligible for the Booby prize.


One small rule change for year-end prizes this year…I offer two smallish prizes for “Pay the Middleman” and “Bonus King”, but lately these have often been split between several players, watering down the prize significantly.  (Imagine being in an 8-way tie for one of these prizes…it’s happened!)  Therefore I will only pay one winner for each of these prizes.  You get the Middleman prize if you end up exactly in the middle of the pool, based on the algorithm the website uses to list players who are tied.  One winner only…a bit more luck involved, but the prize will be more meaningful.  Same with Bonus King…if there is a tie, this will go to the player with the highest cumulative score in the Year-end race.